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Dan's Blog

Welcome to my blog. Check back often to catch up on my latest news, updates and adventures.

Bow Fishing and Tackle Selection Subjects

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Jon Fugate of Englewood, Ohio's, Hard Nocks Archery shares some great tips on getting started bow fishing on the upcoming show. From how to make your own practice targets (sinking milk jugs) to what kind of reel to use (bottle or spincast), Jon gives an entertaining interview on the fast-growing subject, including a segment moderated by the BS producer, Ryan Baker, a casual, bow-curious fan of the show... Next week we learn how to select the right fishing tackle for your particular angling needs with Cabela's Fishing and Marine Department Manager Brooke Hoffman. I hope you join us! -- Dan

Summer Travels & Super Ontario Fly-In Fishing

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Yep, I realize I haven't posted a blog in a bit, but my travels have taken me off the grid so often that it's been tough to stay up with the writing and radio show -- let alone the blogging! For a recent example, I am just back from ten days in Northern Ontario on an assignment for Midwest Outdoors magazine -- where I was at a fly-in outpost camp that didn't have electricity unless I wanted to fire-up a generator (I didn't), let alone internet access. What it did have was the best fishing for pike and walleye that I have ever experienced. I've been on a dozen such trips over the years and had some exceptional fishing for walleye and pike -- just never at the same time and in the same place. We were throwing soft plastic jerk baits for the pike and started catching walleyes in the same shallow, weed-strewn waters where we expected only to find pike. It was a blast, and each cast we never knew what we'd hook. I even used a fly rod and a bunny bug to catch my first walleye on a fly. We were with Buck Lake Wilderness Lodges & Outposts out of Hornepayne, Ontario:;; 807-868-2208. I'm headed to the Ohio State Fair this weekend to take in the attractions for outdoorsmen and women featured in last week's show. See you there!-- Dan

Thanks for the Patience & Some Launch Ramp Tips

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Thanks for standing by late last week as we tweaked this web site and it was off line for a couple of days. We're growing at Buckeye Sportsman and as we do so are taking more things in house to help manage same, and that was part of the process. Look for some great shows in June, with plenty of fishing content, starting with some interesting data about boating access as it relates to fishermen and some tips on the proper way to launch and load a boat at a busy launch ramp to be shared on the final show in May this Saturday -- just in time for National Fishing & Boating Week June 1-9. 'Here's to a great summer! -- Dan

Morels and Gobblers

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We'll be talking plenty of turkey on Buckeye Sportsman now that the season is underway through Mid-May -- that and morel mushroom hunting, which is a welcome distraction to those of us lucky enough to stumble upon a patch of 'shrooms while scouting for gobblers. As with the annual Lake Erie walleye spawning runs, the mushroom season has been held up a bit by our lingering winter, but both opportunities should be busting out all over as April proceeds. Early next month, look for a show on fishing select state park waters, as well as a catfishing feature. Meanwhile, good luck and hunt safe in the turkey woods and thanks for tuning in to Buckeye Sportsman.--Dan

Bears, Trout, Walleyes and Turkeys

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We talk about bears in Ohio, how to fool stocked rainbow trout, how to catch ice-out walleyes and how to hunt turkeys with bow and shotgun on upcoming shows. April is a time of year when lots of outdoor options are on the table -- and I'll do my best to keep you covered with the latest tips and info from guest experts who hunt and fish here in the Buckeye State. Thanks for tuning in and Happy Spring! -- Dan

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